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Kurt Thomas flops to help Bulls win home court advantage in the Finals

April 15th, 2011 No comments

Wednesday’s game between Chicago and New Jersey was a big one for the Bulls. If they win the game, then their chances of winning home court advantage in the NBA Finals, if they get there, through a drawing with the Spurs (potentially) would dramatically improve.

Chicago went on to win the game, thanks to a couple of calls that went their way. One was a no-call late in the game when Taj Gibson clearly fouled Brook Lopez on a drive to the basket (see story on

A few minutes earlier, referee Courtney Kirkland (#61) called Lopez for a personal foul with 5:22 remaining when Thomas clearly flopped playing defense on Lopez. Lopez did a slight hook of his arm on Thomas, and once he felt it, “down goes Frazier!”

This was a huge call in favor of Chicago since they were TRAILING 84-81 at the time, and this bad call turned the ball over to the Bulls, who went on to overcome the deficit and win the game, thanks also to the no-call on Taj Gibson.

At least the Chicago announcers acknowledged that it was an Oscar-worthy flop by Thomas.