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Tweet us players’ flops you see with #topflops

In addition to the RefCalls forum where you can post information about flops you see in games, we’re going to also try Twitter as a way for you to provide the same kind of info. Just use #topflops and it will get to us.

Here’s a sample format you can use that provides us the info we need, starting with the game, the quarter, the time on the clock, and the player involved.

IND-CHI 3Q 2:12 – Boozer flops. #topflops

Feel free to use your remaining characters to provide more info, or just vent!

Remember as we mention in our “Report a call” video at RefCalls.com/report that we won’t be able to feature all of the flops on our home page because there can be too many flops to post each night.

But we will take your info, research it, and log it into a database so that we can eventually run some reports on the data we collect that will give us a better glimpse of which players are the worst at flopping, and maybe provide supporting video, time permitting.

And don’t forget you can also Tweet bad calls & missed calls you see in games by using the hashtag #refcalls that we could feature on our sister site RefCalls.com.

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