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Ginobili’s attempt to draw a foul (flop?) gets him hurt again

We posted a few days ago how Manu Ginobili‘s flop on March 28th against the Grizzlies’ Marc Gasol caused him to injure himself, making him miss the rest of the game, score only two points, and contribute to the Spurs losing against a beatable Memphis team.

That loss turned out to be huge. One more win in the regular season would have given the Spurs a chance in a drawing with Chicago to see who would be awarded homecourt advantage if they end up facing each other in the NBA Finals.

Now on Wednesday in the last game of the regular season, Ginobili hurt himself AGAIN trying to draw a foul against Grant Hill, hyperextending his elbow, leaving the game early, and the Spurs losing to another beatable team — Phoenix — that could have given them another victory they needed to gain home court advantage in the Finals, if they make it.

Checkout the video below of the play. At the 1:17 mark, we also show a clip of Ginobili in last season’s playoff series with the Suns where he is once again defended by Grant Hill, but was successful in getting a foul called against Hill on a similar play by flopping a bit. Perhaps Ginobili subliminally felt getting contact from Hill on the perimeter would work again on Wednesday night.

Well, it worked. Hill was called for a foul by referee David Jones (which should have been a no-call), but it came at a potentially high cost to Ginobili and the Spurs. Now Ginobili is doubtful for Game 1 against Memphis this weekend because of an elbow sprain.

Ginobili’s flops are so forceful and risky, he’s not only hurting himself, they are hurting his team.

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  • John

    We all know Ginobili flops, but I think you got this wrong. Ginobili was trying to seal out Grant Hill as he used to screen so he could easily roll to the basket with the open lane. He’s simply trying to make sure Hill wasn’t between him and the basket, and he hurt his elbow in the process

    • RefCalls staff

      We thought the same but you’ll also see that Ginobili is leaning into Hill like he was falling down when he didn’t have to do that unless he wanted to draw contact, and his arm was just a natural extension of wanting to draw contact.

      If he was trying to seal him off while being fully upright, that would have been one thing, but leaning into Hill while basically falling down (part of the flop process) was the problem. It’s not like he stumbled (authentically) that made him need to lean into Hill.

      • John

        To each his own. I still see it as him sealing off Grant Hill :
        If anything, this is more indicative of somebody injuring himself while flopping


        Kobe was so concerned with flailing his arms and getting the call, that he lost focus on his landing and sprained his ankle

      • Blah127

        Man, you staff people only see what you want to see. Ginobili was leaning because he was making a cut. You don’t change directions while running by STANDING STRAIGHT UP -> YOU LEAN!!! Who makes a cut while “being fully upright”?

        Also, it is not flopping when you GET INJURED AND FALL. What – do you think that any time a player falls after an injury that it’s flopping? Manu flops a lot, but this is not an example.

        This is what happened:
        Ginobili was RUNNING upcourt and turned around Duncan’s screen. Turning while running requires you to LEAN!! Ginobili kept his arm out to seal off Hill (as John said) and ended up getting it caught between Hill and Duncan. Ginobili fell because he was leaning INTO A CUT, got his arm caught behind him (halting his forward progress), and Hill ran over him from behind.

        I don’t know why I’m explaining this to you, because someone who looks at that play and calls it a flop is clearly a person who simply sees what he wants to see in order to appease his own wants and desires. You have no interest in impartiality. This whole post reeks of a pissy, whiny fan just wanting to vent his anger.